A Brown Trout Tale

River Drift Guide Jon Zukowski 5/19/19

Hard work and a hunch paid off for Jonny Z on a nice spring morning in Vermont!! The two of us met at Jons house and made some solid plans for the following day, some plans however are made to be rearranged. We discussed spending our morning together fishing for Northern Pike and Small Mouth Bass. Those plans were put on the back burner immediately once Jon saw the flows for the following day on a promising stretch of river. A river that has been very difficult for me personally to find my quarry on. 7 and 8 wt rods with 2x leaders and large articulated streamers is the set up for this area. We set out on our Brown Trout adventure and it paid off big time!! About an hour into our Walk n Wade Jonny yells, “Im on, Big Fish, Big Fish!!!” This big wild brown was very difficult to deal with and sat in a section of fast current on the bottom and refused to budge for a couple minutes. Jon put the pressure on the fish and tried to break it to the side eddy we were close to….not happening. After another battle I ran downstream of the fish and got it in the net much to Jons relief!! What a morning. Exhausted after a long hike, we decided to skip the Pike and Bass and just be grateful for such a wonderful Wild Brown!!