Season in Full Swing!!

It turns out swinging Clouser Minnows in the fast water is a really exciting way to catch big Small Mouth Bass!! A recent solo adventure produced 2 nice Muskies and some very nice Small Mouth Bass.

Swing it to win it!! Pink and Chartruese Clousers

After a fantastic Musky float there is nothing better than moving downstream for Smallies. The float went really well, going 2/3. Early in the float a nice fish on river right decided to come out of a grass line and take a fire tiger fly. Not a giant fly, maybe 6-7″. A solid strip set wasn’t enough to prevail over this Muskies head shakes! 0 for 1!! But thats a good sign early in the float, it was overcast and it seemed to be on ! 10 minutes later a nice big Musky from the left bank tracked me down and took a chomp. Fish boated, photographed and released. My 50th Musky on the fly, and a fish I have been after since last October 6th. And that pic was accidentally and immediately deleted from my gopro. Nobodys fault but mine!!!! Oh well!

Bottom 9, 2 down, full count, and it comes together!

In literally the last 50 yards of river bank at the end of the float a smaller Musky made no mistakes in finding my fly. I buttoned this one up tight and realized that the 30″ range fish are maniacs, this fish was really strong and gave me all it had. So in the end, staying positive, making good tight casts to the bank and structure, and always believing that any strip can show a Musky is always a good game plan!

Paul Lord with a nice post Musky float Smallie