A Zero Limit Pike Float In The Green Mts!

A Full box of Pat Cohens RUSUPERFLY bass bugs

A warm VT summer day, mosquitos at the boat launch, a first time Pike fisher, old friends, 2 Hyde drift boats and some anticipation! Just add water, lets go!

Zero Limit Adventures Finest, Owner Mike and Guide Doc Moreau

You won’t find any big Pike in this rundown!! 2 small pike were wrangled, instead we were treated with constant laughs and the thought that any cast could show a giant. The band was back together a very accomplished fly fisher was after his first Pike on the fly. Looking back over my shoulder to see how his delivery was proved pointless. I shouldn’t have expected any less, an amazing double haul and some very good bank accuracy. It was now up to the fish.

Nate and Jon B. Old Boot on the scene!

A long float into the stretches of the creek gave up 2 short Pike. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen, but there is always next float, and we know what lies bank side in this phenomenal piece of river.