Smallies, Northerns, Muskies, and Gar, oh my!

A recent solo adventure to New York provided the opportunity at a warm water grand slam! The plan was set and the gear was ready to go! First pitch…..Northern Pike.

This Northern was a surprise. Fishing a large top water foam block head got this fish moving. After bringing the fly boat side it was lifted out for the next cast…….looking toward the bank at the same moment a large commotion came at the stern, a large boil of water. Was it a Musky that followed its fake prey to the boat and took a swing? The fly was changed to a streamer and the fish took a run at it, missing, then a few casts later the hook up. A large, perfect, strong Northern Pike to hand!

Next up to bat was a very healthy, bronze, River Small Mouth Bass. This fish took a large deer hair popper. These river bass in NY are much different looking than their lake counterparts. They dont show the normal markings but more a dark, tanic water stained look.

Next up in the three slot, the fiercest competitor, The Musky! The evening float on a different section of the same river gave up a ghost! Top water again came through and after a complete and total miss of the fly, the muskies fault, the color was changed and the fish massacred the fly on the surface and went crazy. A healthy release and the grand slam was complete. Extra credit would follow the next day.

Long Nose Gar with a rope fly. This was supposed to be a stop for some more Small Mouth Bass but they seemed to have boogied. After observing several different species within a 100 yrd stretch of river the Gar started showing themselves. Luckily one single rope fly always lives in the sling pack. Several attempts were made until a willing fish knocked its head to the left and grabbed the fly. The 20 count was given and the pressure was put on, thanks for playing!