Just A Little Light

At first light on 5/9 I picked up Josh for and early morning adventure. With a fresh dusting of snow on the car we set off for the river. Josh and his brother took a trip with River Drift last summer for trout on a small mountain stream. Despite quickly learning to fly cast, no fish were caught on that day. But is that all the matters? We think not! Josh and I had a great discussion on the way to the river and he disclosed that last years trip was a spiritual awakening of sorts for him. I completely understand what that means.

His expectations for the days trip were basic. Have fun, spend time outdoors with a good friend, and enjoy nature. We’ve got it simple then. I really did want to make sure he got into a few fish for his first on a fly. And thats what happened! He landed his first fish on a fly rod, a Redhorse Sucker that fought like a bull. Josh did extremely well and we got it in the net. Heres to fishing on warmer days and not getting frostbite!!