Adirondack Trout, Bass and Pike

The first trip of the year is always a very special outing. All the anticipation, preparation and excitement is part of the process. The entire winter leads up to it. Mother nature releases all her earthly powers and spring is in full bloom! New Yorks Adirondack Mountains provide a bit of Graceland to explore and enjoy. Its one of the most amazing places in the country in my opinion. Solitude and a lot of fly fishing opportunity!!

Brown Trout in ADK, #14 Guides Choice Hares Ear/ #14 88 Fly.
Largemouth Bass ponds with Top Water deer hair flies. These fish were layed up in some shallow water and made an incredible wake when chasing down poppers and divers.

On these Adirondack trips, the days are usually split up for different species. The morning is usually our trout slot and the afternoon tends to lean more toward the warm water species. Large and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, and Tiger Musky. (true Musky season is a week or so away from my first ADK trip) The top water LMB fishing is the most exciting. There are some big bass in some of the ponds we fish and its always a hoot to see them wake after a fly and open wide for it.

A giant Smallmouth Bass with some great make up on
When its on, its on.
We also found some small Northern Pike eating poppers in some shallow water. A lot of fun on a 7 wt!