Guided Musky trip for Alex and Zach

We planned this trip for a few weeks and Alex and Zach were really excited to get it started. My anticipation and expectations were up as well. I find I need to be careful with my expectations. Sometimes it seems the key to happiness is managing expectations. Thats what we did, and it turned out wonderfully!! I put the guys on some big SMB on the way over to camp and we got some good rest for the following day.

Zach on the hunt for a Musky

We fished 2 long sections of river on day 1 and saw some nice Muskies. We had some eats and some fish on but none to the net. Everyone, myself included remained very positive and in good spirits. You can certainly feel the Musky energy in the boat on every good piece of water. I know for certain, and I’ve proven it too myself many times, that it can get awesome with the blink of an eye. The boys came close on day 1.

Evening hatch after the Musky float.

Some dry fly action in the evening after the Musky floats led us into a big dinner back at camp. The temperatures were actually very cold throughout the day so it was nice to get a fire going and settle in for the next day. I tied some more big Musky flies for the guys to fish the next day. Alex was up to bat 1st on day 2, and it got awesome immediately!

Alexs first Musky on the fly. A big girl who ate a Dahlberg Diver off the surface, a very confident subtle slurp from what my ears heard. Then all hell broke loose!

When we started the float I told the guys I had some scores to settle on this stretch of river. I was really hoping one of them would tangle with one of those fish. I missed a few nice fish in this area the previous year and wanted to see who was home. The 2 I missed last year were not the size of Alexs fish, they seemed to be a bit smaller. I was very happy to see the size of the fish he was fighting. The 11 wt was bent over and Alex held his ground and stripped her in very well, beating her every time she tried to make a move. Once she hit the net the 3 of us had a very special moment of celebration and joy. All of the focus shifts to gratitude and amazement. We took a couple pics and Alex asked me to release her and thanked me for his special moment. This is one of my favorite moments on the water in a long time. Zach had never seen a Musky before and was in total shock. He fished very hard the rest of the day and ended up not landing one. He did really well and fished very hard. And most importantly was really excited for this friend and stayed positive until the end of the trip. Thank you for coming out guys and tip of the cap to you both. That was a grind!

Alex and I with his 40″ Musky before releasing
The Dahlberg Diver she destroyed