Mikes first Musky on the fly!

A clever Musky eats Mikes pink and white fly, Mikes first on the fly!

I took an old fishing buddy out for a Musky adventure last week and it paid off for both of us. First of all, we each caught a nice Musky. More importantly, we had an absolute blast camping and stuffing our faces. I always want to catch at least once decent fish in the species we are chasing, and its nice when everyone gets one…..and its even better when someone gets their first Musky!!

We fished a local river and has some action but nothing to the net. Mike was really happy just to see Muskies and watch their behavior. I shared in his enthusiasm but inside I really wanted one to just open up, say fuck it, and eat that thing!! So we head to the big water…..

A nice Muskellungooooo!! This made my morning 1/3.

Mike got lit up very quickly in our next location. He landed a really nice fish on a pink and white streamer. Mike noticed we were headed for a rock so I was focused on motoring around it when he got hooked up. “Oh, I got one!!!” Yes you do!!!! Mikes fish fought hard and his quote once it hit the net and we celebrated was, “I guess they do fight harder than pike.” The baddest fish in the water.

My morning on day 2 saw me up to bat first. Mike stuck his Musky the night before and I didn’t feel bad starting things out. On the second cast of the day a nice Musky came and turned on my fly, set, tight, fight, gone. There is nothing worse than that exact moment when the fly pops out. I refused to baby a Musky. Mike was surprised at the way I fought the fish and thought I was too aggressive. I kind of agree but I want it over as soon as possible. I was a little bummed out but kept it under wraps. Down we go in small water. I called my shot via Babe Ruth in a really nice corner perfectly fit for a monster. I dropped the fly and a giant wake formed behind it. With all my might I could not outrun this fish, she grabbed hard and turned like shes supposed to. Same exact scenario resulting in the fly popping out just like fish number 1. Fuck. Now I am visibly shaken. I’ve lost 2 nice fish in 30 minutes and I take to talking myself through it out loud. Mike knows I’m a lunatic so its ok. Fish number 3, played exactly the same way hits the bag and is met with relief and gratitude. It must have been the hook sets !

I know they live here, I just have not seen one yet
A happy Musky guy and a mangled Musky fly