Late Fall Musky Double

I received a late fall 2020 trip request from a guy in Mass named Nate. My initial thought was not to facilitate the trip. I had hung my Musky gear up for the year and was focusing on the Lake Trout in Champlain. Nate and I had some exchanges back and forth and I was completley honest about the circumstaces and the odds. Apparently Nate had been geeking out hard on my Musky youtube video and wanted to give it a go! We got together and set a plan.

We started out early in the morning and made a valiant effort for a Lake Trout from land. I figured we didn’t need to be on the Musky water until it warmed up a bit. No Lakers so off we go for the Musky.

The weather turned out to be beautiful! Typically the sun and lack of a strong overcast is not a confidence booster for me. However, today I welcomed the sunshine, hoping to fire up a Musky for a late season meal.

Nates fishing ability was zero concern of mine, I knew from his first few casts that he would be great on the river. Hes a Striped Bass fisherman from Massachusettes….most salt water anglers have no problem double hauling a 10 or 11 weight all day. Nate was no different. It can be difficult sometimes to put someone on a fish that requires so much casting ability.

We got through about half of the float and Nate stuck a fish on the left side. A cool little area where I lost a good fish one day a few years back. It turned out to be a small Musky but both of us were really excited and very grateful for it! There was still a lot of water in front of us.

Nates figure 8 Musky

About 15 minutes later, maybe 100 yards downstream we got some more love. A nice sized Musky ate Nates fly close to the boat, after a good head shake or two while swimming at us she spit the fly. Nates head went down, shoulders shrunk, and the rod and fly came out of the water as the Musky swam under the boat. I quickly encouraged him, “get it back out there, get it deep fast and figure 8 at the boat! Sometimes they come back.” No sooner did he start the figure 8 and whammy!! Nate got a good hook set in and the Musky went nuts. We put her in the bag and bursted out with excitement!

It goes to show you don’t ever know-watch each card you play-and play it slow!!

Nates first of 2 Musky