North Carolina Red Fish

A long cold Vermont winter and my 40th birthday temped me to take a trip down south to fish. I decided on a spot in North Carolina with the help of my good friend and former client Alex Benoit. Alex lives and teaches down in North Carolina so he did some research and hired a guide for us for my birthday.

Let me take a moment to give a shout out to John Mauser, owner and head guide of Tailing Tide Guide Service out of Swansboro, NC. John is a really nice guy and has an amazing knowledge of the fishery down there. He operates his Redfish hunting from an 18 ft East Cape Fury Flats Skiff. After seeing so many videos and pictures of clients being poled around in these gorgeous boats I was really excited to fish on one. It was really enjoyable and very comfortable to fish from.

Alex and I met John around 10 am, it being winter there was no need to get out at first light. The first spot we entered looked pretty amazing. John and I stepped on our respective platforms at the same time and both saw a nice pod of Redfish immediately. We almost ran into them actually. John told me to just fire a blind cast in front of them. On strip number 2 I came tight on a very nice Redfish. First cast of the trip, my 40th bday, a good friend with me, a really nice guide, first time being guided, 12.5 hour straight car ride the day before, and standing on a beautiful flats skiff for the first time. This was incredible. Alex stepped up and got into another Redfish. We each ended up landing 3 nice Reds! Satisfied, we left the pod in search of other fish. We had an amazing day with Tailing Tide. I can’t wait to do it again!! Heres to North Cackalacki!!