Cooler temps for VT/NY trout

I’ve been focusing a lot more of my time on trout here in VT. Things have been really steady throughout the summer and I’m looking forward to an amazing fall season. The bigger rivers are now plenty cool enough to target trout, and the smaller tributaries are always so much fun to explore. I’ve rececently found some new stretches of water on rivers I have fished in the past. It’s been exciting to see some amazing fish in places I never knew existed.

Brown Trout Paddle
Wild VT Brook Trout on Hoppers and 2 Wt rods

The go to method has been fishing large dry flies and hoppers. A dropper combo has been succesful as well. Larger streamers have been in the mix as well. Seeing some smaller trout eat a 6 inch streamer only gives me confidence that a large fish will take them as well. And I proved that to myself last week with a personal best Brown.

October 31st marks the end of Vermonts trout season so I’m getting as much in as possible. The Lake Trout in Lake Champlain are about to fire up as well! Lets go!