Miscellaneous Debris

It’s been quite a while since I updated the site. Life gets busy! There are a lot of great things going on, a lot of time left on the water, and a lot to look forward to! Things are starting to cool down here in VT and across the pond in NY. Which means the fishing is heating up. The Landlock Salmon are getting active and the trout fishing is amazing right now as well. I landed my personal best Brown Trout in VT last week. A very healthy Brown in some smaller water. Fishing a 2 wt in this area is something I will reconsider next time.

A very special Trout.

Summertime drift for Smallies in the Mississquoi

I was lucky enough to take a father and son duo out on the new Fly Craft recently. Jared and Jude and the coolest guys out there! We had a blast fishing for river smallies with game changers and poppers!

Jude and his first big fish ever!
Jared and his Bass!