The new Fly Craft Stealth X 3 man raft

After a long 3 month wait the new raft finally arrived in July! Due to the pandemic and shipping delays things were slowed down and everyone had to play the waiting game. This new sled was well worth the wait!

Fly Craft Stealth X 12 ft 3 man guide raft

The raft is shown here with 2 of the 3 seats on board. The gear rack and the rod holders are very convenient and allow for a number of items to be safely stored. I’m most impressed with the stability of the raft. The front lean bar is especially beneficial for anyone who doesn’t have great balance. With, or without it, the front casting area is very nice to fish from. The oarsman can put you wherever you want to be and you have nothing obstructing you from making a nice cast to the spot you are looking at. I am more than pleased with all the features of the Stealth X. The internally run 2/1 anchor system is very simple to use. At any point we can stop on a dime and fish a nice run or bank for as long as we like. A trolling motor is easily utilzed as well if we need to make a bigger move. The overall comfort of this rig is second to none!

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