Barye and Beverly Hall- Massachusetts

“Okay, your wife wants to start fly fishing with you. This is really good, but it’s tricky. There’s casting, knot tying, wading, where to fish, and who to teach her this. Maybe not you. Enter Mike!

So the day after we were married we met Mike, and went off to find smallmouth for her first day on the river. Mike gave me a pool to fish and found a spot to teach Bev to cast. I was catching fish and she was casting, smiling, and catching fish! He gave us both a wonderful day. So around comes last October, and she’s asking to fish again, with Mike. Something bigger? Maybe Northern Pike?One of Mike’s favorite fish. Off we go working the Creek, Mike has flies, rods, enthusiasm and a plan. We fished a bunch of spots, and had a lot of fun, and scored one very nice fish. Bottom line, novice or veteran, a day with Mike will have you smiling.”

Dan B- Nashville, TN

“Did a river float with Mike to target some Pike. He was extremely knowledgeable about the fisheries and techniques, ties beautiful and effective flies, and is an all around great guy. Afterwards he put me on some wild trout in a mountain stream where I was able to land my first Vermont Brown! So needless to say, I would gladly recommend Mike for any kind of guided fishing trip!”

Bill Lewis- Alabama

“Mike is an energetic and dedicated guide to find and offer you a desirable fly fishing experience. He offers a potpourri of options to fit your priorities on both large and small dreams.”

RJ Meuiller- Manhattan, NYC

“I recently went out with River Drift up in Northern VT and had a great time. Mike made learning fly casting and fishing really easy and was very patient while I picked it up. He also had good knowledge of the area and put us in some of his favorite spots; I was able to catch some great smallmouth bass! Mike is also funny as hell and is a hell of a fisherman; I learned a lot just from him demonstrating how I should cast. I would definitely recommend anyone to Mike to experience Vermont fly fishing!”

Paul Lord- Charlotte, VT

“Mike knows where they are. He knows what they like. He knows where you need to be, and how you should cast, to put what they like where they can see it, and he knows how to tell you all this before you drift past the spot. He knows when you need to let it sit, and when you need to strip like the dickens. If you want to make the most of your time trying you want Mike guiding you. I’m hooked, pun intended!”